Ceci n’est pas un Lego

One does not play with their Legos. One plays with their Lego. An individual piece of Lego is known as a brick, not a Lego. If Lego is not the singular form, Legos cannot be the plural.

One does not go golfing, one plays golf or one goes to play golf. Just as one does not soccer; nor does one go soccering, or hockeying, or billiarding, or baseballing, etc. (Bowling and rowing are the exceptions here.)

Phrases such as “…but it’s concerning to me.” remind me of Dubya’s term (the good ole days of top-notch politico-linguistic comedy. – Remember “nucular”? ) Many words are being ‘verbified’ in this way, and it is a source of great concern to me. (Ahhhhh.) Or even better, “…and it is, to me, a source of great concern.” (Oooohhhh baby! Way to finish strong.)

Many other mis-uses of words can be found, and they take many forms. Some words have come to mean something completely different.

Safety has come to mean security, guns has come to mean violence, education has come to mean schooling, global warming has come to mean CO2, pro-Russian has come to mean Russian, anti-Zionism has come to mean anti-Semitism, and if you’re an economist, bad has come to mean good, and vice-versa. George Orwell had something to say about this.

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