eBay Customer Service Direct Phone Number

Here is the non-public direct phone number for ebay’s non-existant complaints department.

If you have a problem with ebay which does not concern a specific item (buying or selling) but has to do with ebay services themselves, call here:

(toll-free) 866.540-3229

An agent told me that ebay does not have a complaints department, nor is the above number public. Therefore, to get this number, a bought or sold item must be selected in the ‘Help & Contact’ screen, a one-time phone code must be issued, and ebay must be called (in which case you will not be transferred, but a report will be filed – if you’re lucky.) How then, do new members (before any sales or purchases are completed ) report a problem with their account? They can not and they do not, apparently.

Following from –  800-numbers.net

Phone Menu Transcription: If you call the numbers above you will get the options below.

  • Good evening, welcome to eBay customer service, to ensure quality and for training purposes your call maybe recorded, we are currently experiencing unforeseen high call volume and apologize in advance for extended wait times you may experience, thank you for your patience and your inquiry will be handled as quickly as possible.
  • Please enter your one time pass code followed by the pound key
  • if you don’t have your pass code, just press the pound key.

ps_ On the ‘Help & Contact’ screen, when given the option to either call them or have them call you, Ebay does not call you back, you MUST call them. At least, they’ve never called ME back.

This is what happens when companies gain virtual monopolies over certain markets. Microsoft, FB, ABC (Google)… it’s all the same. Don’t get me started about WordPress!