Pilger: Another Must See Documentary

The Coming War on China

For those who can afford paying to watch it, I strongly recommend the links here.

For the rest, the film is available on putlocker.

American war/fear-mongering against Russia and China has something in common: neither Russia nor China has a history of invading neighbouring countries. America, on the other hand, has a long and rich history of empire-building, as does their parent state England.

The film touches on a great many interconnected topics (nuclear testing, political uprising, America’s pivot to Asia, etc.) and provides a very clear insight into the world we can expect, as well as the one we have chosen, for so long, to ignore.

John Pilger is one of the very best people who has ever graced this planet. His body of work is of great historical importance. This film is another outstanding documentary by one of the last remaining genuine journalists.