Samurai Scissors

Why does Japan’s Emperor Akihito want to quit?


Did he just fall on his sword (or cut his own guts out) by acquiescing to the International Order? (Those hand signs are really disconcerting.) Will there even be another emperor, or will the son turn out to be another Obama or Trudeau, a young(er) and popular sell-out to globalism and world parliament?

Maybe the son is a war-hawk, and Emperor Akihito disagrees that Japan’s military should be used elsewhere than in defense of Japan. Japan just decided the issue of ‘collective defense‘. This is all after Trump accused Japan of not paying its fair share for American defense. (The Yen isn’t enough reparations for having been bombed into the stone age? /s)

Has Japan been castrated?

It isn’t that easy to do.

Japan is the biggest debtor nation in the world. They are completely dependent on imports. They are vulnerable for they live in China’s shadow, and there’s some bad blood there. But they are beholden and committed to the global collective. Japan and America are like two people on either side of a biiig see-saw bolted to the top of a mountain, each holding a giant boulder. If either becomes tired and drops the boulder, they both die.

Has Abe’s militarism lead to an internal split against Emperor Akihito, such as the one against his father during WWII? Maybe they just need him out of the way. The emperor is the “commander-in-chief,” after all, it isn’t the prime minister. Maybe Abe and the rest of the world want to change that, for some reason.


Japan’s Military Enters Africa

Japan in Africa? was this at China’s (APEC) behest? China has been moving uncontested into Africa. They bought cheap.

China, Japan, India, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Brazil and S. Africa’s currencies were simultaneously annihilated – like Greece (again, buy them cheap, sell them to the people, then nationalize) now BRICS will show what it’s really all about: the New Silk Road.

If the USA is in Syria, Turkey belongs to Europe. If Russia is in Syria, Turkey belongs to Asia.

Turkey controls all the pipelines into southern Europe, and most of the water into the ME. (Ukraine controls the rest of the oil into Europe.)
It’s always been about Istanbul/Constantinople.