A Pound of Flesh?

The Canadian, Dick Pound, seems to have gotten his revenge. Spurred on by several Canadian athletes, and despite every country in the world using some form of performance enhancing drugs in their athletics programs or in some of their athletes, whether they know it or not, Dick focused almost entirely on Russia, and in peculiar particular, on Putin. Everyone knew. Putin must have been aware, complicit, and complacent. Will Russia be banned from the Olympics for this conspiracy of athletic terror? Gold medals are good for the economy, and if medals are stolen, so too is the cash with which they come. This has economic implications. What doesn’t? The Israelis used the same economic terror argument against Gaza.

Remember Sochi? Wow, the opening ceremonies were just… wow! And all they ever talked about was that malfunctioning snowflake. Sour grapes.

Ben Johnson (Canadian,) Lance Armstrong (American,) and thousands of others have been found to use steroids; what is interesting here is the timing of these releases. Ben was quickly stripped of his medal in favour of his American counterpart, and Lance revealed everything at the end of his career in order to sell more books.

This story is not a story about doping. This is a story of intimidation, coercion, strong-arming, and pretending-to-not.

Russia’s role in both the middle-east and Ukraine of late has not been appreciated by the West.

Just days before the Palestinian soccer authority was to present a motion to FIFA calling for the ouster of the Israeli contingent on the grounds that they treated Palestinian footballers inadequately, the FBI revealed that it had been investigating FIFA on the grounds of corruption and bribery in, amongst other cases, deciding that Russia was to host the next world cup. Sepp Blatter, of course, knew nothing of the scandal and was promptly re-elected. But Putin knew. It’s all Russia’s fault.

Canada has not forgotten the figure skating scandal in which the Canadian team of Jamie Salé and David Pelletier lost by one judge due to the French judge having been bought by the Russians. Now a Canadian, Dick Pound, gets his flesh, or baloney, as it were.

Sport is a model of international government on a slightly smaller scale. Even the rules of soccer are known as, according to FIFA, the laws of the game. Sport is where the UN rolls out policy before implementing laws through environmental and terror based statute, and sport is the most popular thing on Earth, especially in the third world.


“Track Federation Votes 22-1 to Suspend Russian Track Team”

It looks like Dick Pound got his wish.

In a supremely amusing bit of irony, The Guardian notes that in 1980, the above-mentioned Sebastian Coe “a charismatic, supremely talented runner but yet to win a major championship medal, was approached privately by the British government and asked to boycott the Moscow Olympics in protest at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Coe refused. He went to Russia. He won gold, ignited his own personal legend and has ridden the wave ever since.”