Iran Underground

Iran knows how to build warheads. But it supposedly can’t hit anything important with them ’til 2017.

They don’t even have to fly any more. Iran got a bunch of those giant tunnel drilling machines way back in the eighties.


If the residents and rebels in Gaza can build tunnels…

Ever wonder how far the machines have gotten?



It’s just a short dig under the Persian Gulf.


And then on to Mecca.

Underground rivers of Saudi oil could be diverted to Iran, as well.


That hand-sign looks familiar.

Enqelab-e Eslami

All the scare talk about Iran these days is why they were picked as the subject for this essay. Well, for that picture, too… but truth be told, as far as building tunnels under another nation, it could be any country, or it could be every country.

camden col sml

Above illustration – L. Ashwell Wood, 1950




“In fact, Iran’s missile cache is so large, they’re running out of places to “hide” them. “We lack enough space in our stockpiles to house our missiles,” General Hossein Salami said on Friday. “Hundreds of long tunnels are full of missiles ready to fly to protect your integrity, independence and freedom,” he added.”