Does Hate Speech Go Both Ways?

Is it only considered hate speech if the people doing it disagree with mainstream opinion? Is it like terrorism in this respect?

For example, Stephen Harper made it illegal to speak badly of the state of Israel (the political body, not its status) and thus called it a hate crime to ‘anything but support’ Israel. He also donned a yarmulke and prayed at the Western Wall. Doesn’t this just go to show that politicians will go to any lengths, even hypocritical religion, to get some support for their plans?

“But he also flatly refused to say whether Israeli settlements on occupied land are illegal, even though he also said Canada’s official policy – opposing them – has not changed.”

The question one must ask is, “Does he support Jews, does he support Israel, or does he support Zionism; and in what ratio?” The context is also important.

Following Bibi’s failed senate speech (despite the pomp,) most would agree that his political future is limited. ‘Real Jews,’ whoever they may be, will not (it seems) let any one man represent their faith to the world. So, who are the Jews he represents? For the most part (90 %) those in question are American, and for the greatest part, they come from three American families (50 %.) Should the USA have such influence over the electoral process of a sovereign nation? It seems only fair considering the heft that the Israeli lobby has in the USA. Sure beats an overthrow, an assassination, or a war. As long as the voting in the UN stays the same – 191-2 ?, Israel can ‘defend’ herself, the ‘War on Terror’ is continued, the economy is ‘trickle-up,’ and carbon is pollution, everything is copacetic.

Mossaddegh was removed over oil, Hussein over the petro-dollar, Khadaffi was removed over gold-backed African currency, Rolos, Arbenz, Terrijos, and Chavez over independence amongst other reasons.

And Mubarak?

Mubarack Obama

Andrew Jackson was meant to be removed, as has been Lincoln and Kennedy over currency and human rights. Now Assad and Iran for oil again; and for Israel. Putin is another story, altogether. He’s the only one with enough gumption to call a spade a spade, and he did it at Valdai.

Anything going against American/capitalist/western/Five Eyes/NATO/UN/Zionist/N.W.O. interests is terrorism, but anything going against the rest of the world is free speech. You can’t have it both ways, but they can. Marie Antoinette is laughing in her grave, and applauding.

I have nothing against anybody who voices religious or political opinions, but that doesn’t mean I must be compelled to agree.


Ok, so Bibi won his election as the incumbent. As you certainly remember, so did Obama, so did Bush jr. Three times a charm for Zionism. The irony here being that he beat the official Zionist party. Apparently Mr. Lincoln, all you needed to do was fool more than half the people more than half the time.